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If you email your mailing address to 'terbocongress AT gmail.com' i'll send you a folded up version of the image above, which is my new 12"x18" campaign poster. I'll even throw in one of the infamous bear posters. For an unfolded one, send along some money and insist for a mailing tube, or- if you're local- suggest a meeting spot in our district.

Campaign has been going very well; I'll be in Washington DC on April 15 to speak at the great Freedom Rally organized by grannywarriors.com... more info at taxday08.com and hauling.ronpaulroadshow.org

Primary is June 3. More information available on the official campaign website. terbocongress.org

*If you are in CA-04, I need volunteers ASAP to flyer, hand out cards, put up posters, etc. I have yard signs, bumper stickeres, etc. Contact me via email listed above.
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