I posted this to my journal before I remembered this community was here, and I thought to myself why should the people wise enough to have added me to their friends list be the only ones to bask in some terbolove today?

I spied this while out shopping yesterday:

mobi pearls



You have to be logged into Democratic Underground to read that.

http://www.terbocongress.org /


"The situation in Iraq
Article 4, Section 4 of our Constitution closely describes our current involvement in Iraq, in which we are protecting their Republican form of Government, and their territory against domestic violence and invasion. But Article 4 of our Constitution is not about foreign nations, it is about the right of States in our Union. Iraq is not a State in our Union, and is not represented in Congress. Even though Iraq's current leaders have asked for our military assistance for their security purposes, I see nothing in our Constitution that suggests we have the right or obligation to sustain funding and deployment of Armed forces to fulfil their request (Article I, Section 8, <12>, U.S. Constitution). My question is: How- and at what cost- do we continue something that is unconstitutional?"

Here is the community I made for him on Live Journal:


Where he is actually a member and a really great guy:


I have never seen any candidate embrace all people of the internet, nad have such an open mind. The strange thing is that he ran for California congress as a Republican. He lost his primary and is NOW AVAILABLE!

My communications with him started from an odd community I am in on LJ called wtf_inc, which is a place to post anything and everything you fins wtf. )This often leads to really unnecessarily gross and disgusting posts, so beware before you go looking for it.) However, there are also many gems in there too.
One day hulazombie made a post about a campaign poster of Theodore Terbolizard that she found odd:

Now you have to admit someone did get a little vector happy in photoshop...

Here is the initial post that started a Live Journal sensation:


voodooskeleton : "I like the bear. Makes him seem fierce."

blasphemusfish : "I dig his name :D"


heartinthroat : "IT'S TURBO TIME! - The bear looks like an opera singer."

arielost : That is the best last name I have ever heard.

Wow DU is gonna get so pissed at me...

Thank You

Official Secretary of State Election Results

Our June 3rd primary election is over, and, despite a strong campaign, my official vote count was not enough for me to win the party's nomination. I would like to thank everyone that has helped my efforts to run for the United States House of Representatives over the past year. It has been a tremendous honor to meet so many amazing people while I have been campaigning. The future holds many challenges, which I look forward to.
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I'd just like to remind everyone that

So vote for him if you can. Also according to his website, if you're in the Nevada City area tomorrow night, he's going to be out on the town so GO OUT AND PARTAYYYY.

That is all.
chris chan

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lets count how many times I fapped to this article
all parts that i fapped to will be underlined

Terbolizard counting on home-grown attitude

By TONI SCOTT - Staff Writer
Article Launched: 05/03/2008 12:22:45 AM PDT

Congressional candidate Ted Terbolizard chats with community members in downtown Oroville.
OROVILLE -- As he sits outside Roxy's Golden Poppy in downtown Oroville, Ted Terbolizard looks like an average Joe taking a lunch break.
Cheese from his huge plate of nachos hangs on the side of his mouth. He sips Mr. Pibb from a plastic cup. His sandy brown hair blows carelessly in the wind.

The only thing that sets Ted Terbolizard apart from the typical lunch crowd is his brown business suit and the campaign materials that sit before him. And the fact that local community members come up and ask him for his autograph.

A candidate for the 4th Congressional District, Terbolizard is up against some very big political names to fill Congressman John Doolittle's seat. But here in Oroville, the man is seen as a celebrity to a few passers-by.

Terbolizard said his home-grown attitude sets him apart from fellow Republican candidates Doug Ose and Tom McClintock, and what drives his appeal (he drives my appeal if you know what i mean)in small towns like Oroville.

"I'm a fifth-generation Northern Californian," Terbolizard said. "I'm not one of those career politicians."

His only previous political aspirations included running in the 2003 California governor recall election, and he hasn't held a major office before.

And although the artist, musician and media producer from Cedar Ridge may not have the finesse and polish that usually comes with being a politician, he said he has experience where it counts: knowing the needs of the district.

"I'm not an outsider," Terbolizard said. "I grew up and live here. I'm much more in tune with the heart of the district than my opponents."
Plus, Terbolizard said matter of factly, Ose and McClintock are "boring."

"I enjoy the other candidates. There's this weird bond you develop during campaigning," Terbolizard said. "But they are boring."

Terbolizard legally changed his name from Hommel after his daughter was born so he could give her a "clan name." He often plays his guitar on campaign stops throughout the district. And he posts video of himself on YouTube.

But with so much time and money spent by Ose and McClintock on ads attacking each other, Terbolizard said people often don't get to know who he is.

Terbolizard wants the voters to know that he and Placer County resident Suzanne Jones are in the race as well and are looking to give Ose and McClintock a run for their money.

"This is not a two-man race," Terbolizard said. "What you have is Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber while two locals are getting cut out of the race. It's completely wrong. But I'm playing to win and plan on going to Washington."

Oroville resident Molly Grigoruk stopped at Terbolizard's table and asked for campaign information.

After reading over the pamphlet and chatting with Terbolizard, she became excited about the candidate.

"It's so nice to find someone we can actually vote for that's not an idiot," Grigoruk said.

The primary election will soon tell whether or not politics is in the cards for Terbolizard. But as he gave a chocolate-covered strawberry to Grigoruk's son Mason (plz2b giving me chocolate-covered strawberries, Terbolizard ;)), he certainly seemed poised to play the part of a politician.

"I love all this," Terbolizard said. "I love meeting people like this. That has been the best part of running this campaign."

sexy sauce


Phone Volunteers Needed


If you have unlimited long distance, or live within the CA-04 Congressional District, I would like to invite you to call registered voters in my area directly to tell them about my campaign for the United States Representatives, which is nearing the crucial primary election. Various volunteers have set up a database of phone numbers you can download 50 at a time; this is an amazing use of communications tools and social networking power. The link below has additional information, including a sample script.


~ please repost ~

Best Wishes,
Theodore Terbolizard


If you email your mailing address to 'terbocongress AT gmail.com' i'll send you a folded up version of the image above, which is my new 12"x18" campaign poster. I'll even throw in one of the infamous bear posters. For an unfolded one, send along some money and insist for a mailing tube, or- if you're local- suggest a meeting spot in our district.

Campaign has been going very well; I'll be in Washington DC on April 15 to speak at the great Freedom Rally organized by grannywarriors.com... more info at taxday08.com and hauling.ronpaulroadshow.org

Primary is June 3. More information available on the official campaign website. terbocongress.org

*If you are in CA-04, I need volunteers ASAP to flyer, hand out cards, put up posters, etc. I have yard signs, bumper stickeres, etc. Contact me via email listed above.